Caan ‘Every Little Thing’ Single

I am holding my fingers permanently crossed, hoping Caan manages to find true success with his new solo project. One: because his initial band electro-pop Ou Est Le Swimming Pool were destined for greatness before the lead singer tragically committed suicide in 2010 at Belgium’s  Pukkelpop Festival. And Two: regardless of how promising his former band were, his new (second) single ‘Every Little Thing’ is damn brilliant.

In ‘Every Little Thing’, Caan (aka Caan Capan) has crafted a stunning dark, electro-pop tune that contains one hell of a deep, pulsating bass-line – heavy enough, even, to please dubstep fans. That bass, plus the eerie keys and the clean vocal style makes for a more pop-friendly, neo-soul sound – brooding like James Blake, melodic like Jamie Woon, but containing the kind of additional, intelligent synths that’ll please more dance-orientated electronic fans. The vocal hook is suitably impressive, but it is that quick-fire, (semi) post-dubstep, bass-programming that makes this track so perfectly infectious.

The fact that Capan recently headlined London’s spacious XOYO is a good indication that this electronic singer-songwriter is onto something grand. Caan’s debut album will (hopefully) be out sometime this year, and I for one can’t wait to hear what kind of murky pop masterpiece he coughs up – and I really do think it will be masterpiece.

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~ by cliveparisrozario on March 12, 2012.

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