The Savage Nomads ‘What The Angel Said’ Single

Yeeeeees! Despite my initial love of The Savage Nomads at the start of this year, their vibrant debut ‘Coloured Clutter’ had managed to fall down and out of my iPod playlists, being kicked out of prominence by bigger-named, indie bullies (who shall not be named). And then the London quartet’s new single – ‘What The Angel Said’ – pops up in my inbox, and within hearing the dirty little guitar licks of the opening few seconds it all came flooding back. The Savage Nomads were, and still are, the indie find of 2011. In June, I said (in my album review of ‘Coloured Clutter) that ‘What The Angel Said’ was the highlight of their debut, and so it’s very pleasing indeed to see that they’ve finally released it as a single.

There is just so much going on for what is, essentially, an accessible indie-rock tune. There is quiet but urgent garage-punk riffing, occasional stabbing keys, and intelligent fills fleshing out a basic, bluesy drum pattern. But what gives this track, and The Savage Nomads as an outfit, their mighty personality is singer Cole Salewicz’s baritone croon intertwined with the infectious math-rock guitar lines – the vocal and guitar hooks of ‘What The Angel Said’ are thoroughly rousing, and the pummelling bridge is excellent.

For such a young band so early on in their career, to have crafted a tune this memorable and innovative is simply thrilling. Listening to this song just makes me so excited. I am really not exaggerating when I say: The Savage Nomads are the indie find of 2011. And the fact that the Clash’s Mick Jones agrees means that I am irrefutably right.

Check out my earlier review of The Savage Nomads’ album ‘Coloured Clutter’ here

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~ by cliveparisrozario on November 21, 2011.

One Response to “The Savage Nomads ‘What The Angel Said’ Single”

  1. Great one Clive, these guys are brilliant. Saw them at the 12 Bar almost two years ago now. Great stuff, indeed. And what a nice review you’ve done for them!

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