The Raid ‘Heads Or Tales’ Single

What’s this? I don’t understand? I…can’t…quite…get…my…head…around…it. Ohhh, it’s just a simple rock’n’roll single. But, where’s the ‘experimental’ electronic bleeps? The off-kilter percussion? The surf-rock and/or 80s and/or shoegazing element? What’s ridiculous is that it took me a few listen just to realise that there was nothing innovative or weird or new here to listen out for – I’d forgotten what a straight-ahead, guitar-led rock song sounded like. There’s no frills or laces or icing or whistles or whatever, The Raid are a just a rock band making rocking rock songs using nothing more than rock.

This five-piece from Hertfordshire are readying the release of their debut, and with the form they have displayed on ‘Heads Or Tales’ the UK alt-scene could be in for something special. There are banging drums, scorching riffs and snarl-come-soar vocals that only Kasabian are really capable of these days. Except, unlike Kasabian, The Raid have a rough and gritty aspect to their sound (Kasabian lost their much of their edge with their new album). The chorus and orchestration are pure britpop, while the riffs and pace have more in common with heavier alt-rock types (you don’t headbang to Oasis, but you do headbang to The Raid).

The ‘Heads of Tales’ single release also comes with a fine acoustic mix and a beautiful folk ballad b-side ‘The Pod And The Pea.’ When it comes to the a-side, be sure to listen to the ‘Album Version’ rather than the skimpy ‘Radio Edit.’

If you like your indie and alternative music to have real attitude and a raw rock heart, then check out The Raid. If they are capable of a tune like this so early on in their career, just imagine what they’ll sound like in a couple years!

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~ by cliveparisrozario on October 30, 2011.

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