Benjamin Francis Leftwich ‘Box Of Stones’ Single

The only problem with Benjamin Francis Leftwich is his total failure to even try and sound a little unique – to the point that he sounds like he’s whole-heartedly embraced his complete lack of originality.

But that is only really a problem for those who like their singer-songwriters to come pre-packaged with pushed envelops and crossed borders. There are, of course, many fans that embrace more-of-the-same, just so long as it is down well. And man, does this 21-year-old boy from York do that whole acoustic, singer-songwriter thing well.

Box Of Stones’ is Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s first ‘proper’ single from his forthcoming debut album ‘Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm,’ and is pop-folk-perfection – although Leftwich has been rather outspoken about being called pop and/or folk, he is certainly pop-folk, trust me.

Despite often being compared to Elliott Smith, there is not a hint of the attitude or darkness attributed to that late singer-songwriter. Instead, this is sweet and delicate acoustic music in the vein of Joshua Radin (his earlier recordings) – Leftwich even employs the quiet backing vocals of lady in the same way Radin did and does. His hushed vocals create a calming listen, aided by those bog-standard, soft strings that seem to accompany every pop-folk song. The emotive tune of the chorus – the best thing about this track – is far more memorable than that any other emerging singer-songwriters. Shame the lyrics are a little gushy.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s music maybe the same regular, soppy acoustic music that a bazillion moaner-strummers produce, but this is just done so much better than most, and contains that same kind of charming tenderness that have made Fleet Foxes and Noah & The Whale so popular (fittingly, Leftwich recently supported the latter). There’s no wonder that Radio 1’s Zane Lowe and Greg James have gone so goo-goo-ga-ga over him – but I bet all those other pop-tinged folksters are kicking their melancholic heels together about his golden-boy treatment.

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~ by cliveparisrozario on June 6, 2011.

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