Limozine ‘Deep Fried Love’ Single

London-based four-piece Limozine are sleeeeeazy. They have already released two albums of well-received, gritty rock’n’roll – containing both the punk-rock simplicity of the Ramones and the all-out aggression of Motorhead.

Limozine’s new single ‘Deep Fried Love’ – along with its b-side ‘Drink Ya Self Out Of It’ – is released through Beat Atlas on May 9, and is a worthwhile purchase for fans of scuzzy guitar-rock. ‘Deep Fried Love’ consists of a rigid plodding drum-beat, some simple but energetic punk riffing, and a bit of ‘Stones-esque soloing. The b-side hasn’t got quite the same pace, instead incorporating a slight surf-rock element, and frontman Dean’s raspy vocals sound even closer to a drunken growl – those screams at the end of the chorus creating the same spine-tingling effect as Kings Of Leon’s ‘Charmer.’

The thing that’ll strike you about Limozine is just how much fun it sounds like they’re having – this is sordid rock’n’roll at its most basic, and it’s the core elements of distorted guitars, cheeky lyrics, and drunken one-night-stand sex appeal (incorporated here) that have always been the most fun components of the genre. The band are currently in the process of completing their third album, and on the strength of these two tracks, it’ll be downright wicked.

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~ by cliveparisrozario on May 15, 2011.

One Response to “Limozine ‘Deep Fried Love’ Single”

  1. Hi Clive
    Big Thanks for the great review of the Limozine single.

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