Top Albums of 2010

Before MusicalCPR posts Clive Paris Rozario’s Top 5 most anticipated albums of 2011, it makes sense to list the Top 5 albums of 2010 – chiefly to act as an introduction to the various styles of music this blog will strive to cover (as interestingly as possible).

Top 5 Albums of 2010:

5. Magnetic Man – ‘Magnetic Man’

Skream, Benga, and Artwork‘s major label collaboration saw them cement dubstep as a commercially viable subgenre of dance music. With their initial single ‘I Need Air’ breaking into the top 10 UK singles chart, there was no doubt that their self-titled LP would storm into the album charts – which it did, charting at number five. These influential artists set out to take dubstep to the next level, and to the masses, and with ‘Magnetic Man’ they accomplished their mission.

4. DillingerEscape Plan – ‘Option Paralysis’

With the release of their fourth album, these mathcore giants continued their domination of the scene they arguably pioneered in the 90s. Their technical ability is second to none, and Greg Puciato‘s vocals – both his schizophrenic screaming to his Faith No More-esque crooning – have never sounded better. Dillinger Escape Plan are one of the most exciting and essential heavy metal bands to ever surface.

3. Far – ‘At Night We Live’

After splitting in 1999, the Sacramento screamo giants have finally reformed and released sublime ‘At Night We Live’ last year. Some fans were displeased with the more polished production compared to the rawer nature of their earlier albums, but in the 11 years since they split the members have continued making music and perfecting their craft, so it was really of no surprise that this new album ended up sounding so professional. Jonah Matranga‘s voice remains the best in the business, making a mockery of the substandard emo bands presently plaguing our charts.

2. Caribou – ‘Swim’

Daniel Victor Snaith’s new electronica-inspired direction culminated in a career best album. Allegedly influenced by a visit to London’s legendary east-end club Plastic People, ‘Swim’ combined minimalist electronic beats with a psychedelic, indie-vibe in a similar way to his best mate Four Tet (whose ‘There Is Love In You’ is a notable exception from this list). Looking forward to seeing Caribou’s full live show on February 22nd at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

1. The National – ‘High Vilolet’

It took a decade and a couple of criminally underrated albums for this American post-punk slash indie rock band to gain the level of respect and notability they have always deserved. Matt Berninger‘s lyrics remain as dark and heart-wrenching as ever, and his captivating baritone moan coupled with the layers of orchestration and understated guitars created an indie masterpiece even more atmospheric than Arcade Fire’s ‘The Suburbs’. One of CPR‘s favourite albums of all time!

Check out ‘Anyone’s Ghost’ by The National:
The National – Anyone’s Ghost by musicmule


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