Breton Mini Interview

Breton are a collective of musicians, filmmakers and producers from London. They manufacture experimental tunes that incorporate everything from art-rock to electronica to chill-out, compressing down a sprawling range of influences too expansive to even consider listing here. Not intent on pushing the boundaries of both the dance and rock genres, Breton(under the name BretonLABS) also delve into the visual arts creating short films as well as music videos for other artists. This band are a very exciting project indeed, and Rivmixx look forward to hearing the new EP…

Who are you and where are you from?
We’re Breton from London – We are a group of musicians/filmakers/producers/remixers/designers. We started off working on sound design projects together, and making short films and documentaries. We are really interested in different sounds, artists, bands and films – we wanted to form a band that incorporated all these elements.

What inspires you?
We’re really lucky to have met lots of interesting artists through the band. There is a photographer from New York called Alastair Casey who is incredible, he’s one of these rare photographers that can work in fashion, advertising and still life but also makes videos and animation. Also an actor called Jack Roth, who can do everything from classical plays to gritty drama, and only takes on a role if it interests him. Artists like this really inspire us – they have a wide range of abilities and make really interesting work.

What have you done?
The first EP ‘(Practical)‘ was released on hand-made vinyl, which was lathed for us by Peter King in New Zealand, who made records for the Beastie Boys and Sonic Youth. The covers were each hand-painted by us. The second EP ‘Sharing Notes,’ was released with a circuit board and some instruction on how to turn it into a monophonic synthesizer, the same kind our synth player and bassist Ian used on the recordings. The sound you get out of them is never the same and completely impossible to control. Over the past few days, we have begun working on our third EP, writing new songs, making videos, and trying to learn new things.

What makes you stand out?
Theres seems to be quite a few bands that stand out at the moment, and are doing really interesting things. Bands like Wuy LyfIs TropicalMount Kimbie – they all seem to demonstrate a sense of freedom in their approaches and ideas. These kinds of artists work without the restrictions that were imposed 10-15 years ago. I suppose these bands stand out because they are able to do exactly what they want…So they end up sounding completely unique.

Where are you going?
We have everything we need to make our own music, produce and rehearse, as well as lots of amazing people that help and inspire us. We have a short film we’re finishing at the moment, and an album we’re working on. I’m looking forward to finding out where we end up….

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