River Nelson Mini Interview

River Nelson is a hip-hop MC hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Initially signed to Arista Records by Clive Davis (before he vacated his position at the label’s head), Nelson is certainly no newcomer to the game. He’s collaborated with the Boogiemonsters and toured with big hiphop players such as CommonTalib Kweli and De La Soul. Despite his already impressive musical CV, River Nelson is only just gearing up to release his debut album ‘The Rise and Fall of River Nelson.’ Produced by Britain’s very own hiphop maestro Lewis Parker, and featuring some innovative lyrical delivery, this album should do be high on any hip-hop fan’s wish-list.

Who are you and where are you from?
My name is River Nelson and I’m a hip-hop artist. I’ve spent the majority of my years in New York City, and I’ve also spent significant time in Connecticut, so I have a good balance of both the city and the suburban lifestyle. I’ve been playing the most well known venues around New York along side many talented artists – making myself a name among them.

What inspires you?
Life inspires me. It’s all the things that take place from the moment you get up in the morning, to the time when you go to bed at night. Everyday brings something different, so I document all the thoughts, feelings, and different things I witness, and hear each day. The reason I make hip-hop music is because it’s truly the music of my generation. Without even knowing it as a kid, I absorbed myself in the culture, and naturally started making Hip Hop music of my own. That’s the unique thing about hip-hop, it’s extremely participatory, and a huge part of it is simply getting involved, and creating your own interpretation.

What have you done?
I’ve recently completed my latest album, ‘The Rise and Fall of River Nelson,’ produced entirely by UK legend Lewis Parker, and we also completed the video for the single ‘Beautiful Life,’ which can now be viewed on You Tube. I’ve played with the likes of Talib Kweli and Jean Gray, and was flown to the UK to open for Common, and De La Soul. The new album is being put out by UK label the World of Dusty Vinyl, which is Lewis Parker’s record label.

What makes you stand out?
I think what makes me stand out is, I’m not just writing “raps.” I create full on songs that everyone can relate to. I’m just as much of a songwriter as I am an M.C. Also the tracks are some of Lewis Parker’sbest work to date. I do believe that I’ve carved out a niche for myself in hip-hop music, which is hard to do now-a-days. By listening they will hear themes and approaches not yet done in hip-hop, and the music will put their mind in a good place and inspire them to do something creative and wonderful.

Where are you going?
I plan to tour the globe to support the ‘Rise and Fall of River Nelson,’ and connect with as many fans as possible. People are really staring to catch on globally. There will also be many follow up albums and tours, but first my main objective is to have everyone hear the new album.

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