Alev Lenz Mini Interview

Alev Lenz is a German born singer-songwriter currently dividing her time between London and Berlin. Her career began nine years ago fronting the band ‘Alev,’ with which she got a BMG publishing deal, released an album and toured heavily before bailing to begin a solo career. Alev Lenz created her debut solo album ‘Storytelling Piano Playing Fraulein‘ over in the States and released it through her own, newly formed record company My Own Record Company in 2008 (to sparkling reviews). Her piano-led compositions are achingly heartbreaking and the UK will be quick to jump on the Alev Lenz bandwagon once her new EP ‘Alte Schonhauser‘ is released here on July 12th. Make sure you catch her at her first live shows on these shores over the coming weeks…

Who are you and where are you from?
I am Alev Lenz and I was born in beautiful Munich, Germany. I now live in Berlin and I am lucky that my music has helped me to travel to many different places and get to know many different people. I saw a lot of Germany with my first band and I travelled to New York City to perform and write my debut album. I recorded my latest material in Berlin and I’m now in London to release it and play some gigs.

What inspires you?
People inspire me. Daily encounters inspire me. Books inspire me. Newspaper articles inspire me. Everything I see, hear or read inspires me. Everything that I experience, sense or perceive. And I think the genre I am in is a result of what my abilities and/or limitations are. I can sing, I like to write and love to play the piano. So the way I channel all these emotions and experiences is through my voice, my words and my music, which are based on a song written on the piano.

What have you done?
I am very proud of my releases so far. My debut album was a very proud moment. Buying my first record I released with my very first band at the Virgin Megastore in NYC was also a very proud moment. But the best moments really are when you get into the rehearsal room, hand out the lead sheets and the musicians begin play your song. And what you started on the piano all of a sudden becomes this piece of music where four or more people take the time to make it happen, a “togetherness” through something you have created – that’s incredible.

What makes you stand out?
Hmm, tricky question. Here’s my tricky answer – I think I stand out because people listen to me, they don’t listen to me because I stand out. Of course I think my songs are outstanding, I wouldn’t record them if I didn’t think that way. I was told my voice was touching and made people emotional. But I don’t really think I am the one to point out my uniqueness. Everyone is unique. And no one is.

Where are you going?
I think for now London is a fantastic place to be. And Berlin as well. So I will travel between these two cities for now. My aspirations for the future would be that I can go on producing albums and playing concerts. And I would love to play a full tour soon.

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