Hhymn Mini Interview

Hhymn began as the duo of Simon Ritchie and Ed Bannard in Nottingham, just a couple years ago. Now completed by Romeo Bradd and Mike Wynne this alternative-folk (or dare we say ‘nu-folk‘) band are quickly rising up the ranks of this growingly competitive genre. Drafting in such instruments as ukuleles, mandolins and some brass, Hhymn’s comparisons toMumford & Sons are going to come thick and fast, but such a comparison is fairly unimaginative – instead, their downbeat and melancholic tone is more like Morrissey trying his hand at folk! Their first single ‘Land Of Souls‘ is coming out on their own label Food Chain at the of June. Join band founders Simon and Ed as they tell Rivmixx a little more about Hhymn

Who are you and where are you from?
We are Hhymn from Nottingham. Me (Simon Ritchie) and Ed (Bannard) met through a mutual friend and started writing and recording together. In 2008 we started roping in various musicians and friends who could play the instruments we wanted to use (drums, glockenspiel, organ, trumpet and bass) with the aim of making bigger, better music than we had made before. It just grew from there and it continues to do so. We are doing some different gigs in warehouses and art galleries and trying to keep things inspiring.

What inspires you?
I think you start to write music because no-one is making the music you want to hear in the first place. There are loads of bands you love and you want to take an idea or a feeling or texture from each one and combine them with what you want to express. The music I listen to is always changing but recently I have been listening to the amazing Tindersticks first album, Laura ViersThe Cure and the new one fromMGMT. It’s not just music that you are influenced by though – an idea can be sparked from anything you read or watch and sets you off.

What have you done?
We have our first single coming out on 28th June on our own label Food Chain, which we have distribution for. Before that we did a limited edition EP that we sold out at gigs over last year. We have supported a lot of bands we like such as My Latest NovelThe Leisure SocietyOhbijou and The Slow Club.

What makes you stand out?
I think you can tell a Hhymn song from the very beginning. It’s very direct music and we have been described as having enough melancholy to sink a battleship! The horns and beats are distinctive and our set has a lot of variation and instrument swapping.

Where are you going?
Our second single will be coming out after the summer. In between that we will be playing at a few festivals and doing a tour. We are also starting work on recording our debut album, which will hopefully be ready for release before the end of the year.

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