Reece Mini Interview

Reece Robertson, aka Termzy, is a British rapper and singer from South London – currently being managed by Tinie Tempah’s team. At only nineteen,Reece already writes and produces all his own stuff, and, on top of that, he’s devilishly handsome – so really, there is going to be no stopping his ascent to the top of the charts, joining the likes of Chipmunkand Tinchy Stryder. Having toured for the last six months, his chart-friendly take on hiphop and grime has already built him up quite the fanbase (nearly 400,000 hits on MySpace) and he recently announced that he’ll be appearing at O2 Wireless in July. Check out the “sweet grime” of Reece’s debut single ‘Party Till Lights Out,’ out now…

Who are you and where are you from?
Im Reece Robertson, artist name Reece, and I am born and raised in South London.

What have you done?
Last June I released my first promo music video, ‘Heaven,’ to the public, which was Channel AKA’slongest charted music video. I have put out two more promo videos since then – just for my supporters – which are called ‘Kiss Me‘ and and the UK ‘Whatcha Say‘ remix. For the last two years I’ve been in and out of studio recording and writing music, which is numbered at 100 plus unreleased tracks at the moment, ready to select a good bunch for a future album. In hope of a high success, I have just released my first single ‘Party Till Lights Out,’ which is available to buy on Itunes.

What inspires you?
My life inspires me and things I have been through, people around me, my management, my producer Alex Elliot, God/Church, the Bible, and people that have doubted me. New artists that do something different also motivate me to think outside the box. My lifestyle, my journey, and where I see myself going, and where I could get to in life, staying true to myself and others around.

What makes you stand out?
I am a singer and rapper of all styles with an up and coming unique sound, and I am here to accomplish everything for the UK that everyone else hasn’t already accomplished, which makes me feel I will stand out.

Where are you going?
Well my plans are to get my new single out to everyone ‘Party Till Lights Out,’ which is now available onItunes to buy for 79p, so would be really appreciated for everyone to buy it – a proper quality song for this summer. But I will say that a lot more is to come, and prey to God that success comes my way. Hopefully I will be able to represent the UK in America some day.

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