Darwin Deez Mini Interview

Darwin Deez is a US indie band originating from New York, fronted by Darwin Smith (aka Darwin Deez). Darwin, who writes and records using a four-string guitar with a unique and secret tuning, first showed up on the indie radar with the release of debut single ‘Constellations.’ The band released their self-titled LP in April receiving critical acclaim both here and in The States. In terms of their sound, think The Strokes playing bedtime music over a drum-machine. Be sure to check out the “Michael Jackson of indie rock” at WirelessLatitude or Secret Garden Party over the summer (YES, Darwin Deez have synchronized dances throughout their live show!).

Who are you and where are you from?
I’m a 26 year old male who is finally free of acne and I’m from New York City, USA.

What have you done?
Dear god…just a few dance moves! I’m not in trouble, am I??

What inspires you?
My friend and bassist Mash Deez is my number one inspiration on the tour route.

What makes you stand out?
You just ask everyone these questions, don’t you? I mean, look at me! Plus, we are a band that does choreographed dance routines mid-set!!

Where are you going?
Headed to Preston to play show number two on the NME Radar Tour in England.

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~ by cliveparisrozario on May 26, 2010.

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