Context MC Mini Interview

Context MC is a hiphop/dubstep fusion artist hailing from Norwich, whose two critically acclaimed EPs – ‘Dialectics‘ (2008) and ‘Mental Breakdown‘ (2010) – have gained him widespread support and national radio airplay. Context MC has been producing his brand of ‘dub hop‘ (a term he himself conceived) long before dubstep infiltrated the mainstream charts, and long before other hiphop artists started incorporating dubstep into their music. Poetic lyrics fired out with conviction and urgency over bass heavy dubstep – what more could you want?

Who are you and where are you from?
I’m Context MC and Im from Norwich. I’ve been releasing music since the start of 2008 when I dropped my debut EP ‘Dialectics‘. I recently released my ‘Mental Breakdown Music‘ EP, and am due to release my third official EP, entitled ‘The Cadmean Victory‘ in the next few weeks. I’ve been widely supported in the UK (BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, Rinse.FM, SB.TV) and abroad (Versus Magazine SF, CA, Bondi FM, Australia).

What inspires you?
My influences are insanely wide and varied. I find that the stuff that falls most naturally out of me is very dark, and that’s really influenced by any kind of emotive bleakness; Mobb DeepCaravaggio, heavy subby dubstep. My aim is always to have songs with strong hooks, but never compromise on lyrical complexity. I’m influenced by anyone making anything with ‘feeling.’ Emotion and passion are the most important things to me – its what drives me and my music.

What have you done?
Gig wise, I had a UK tour when ‘Mental Breakdown Music’ dropped all over the UK alongside names such asAndy CCommixJokerShy FXSilkie and Bar 9. I’ve also performed at the Beach Break Live festival (which I have again been booked this year), as well as opened for names such as Dizzee Rascal and Bloc Party. One of my favourite recent bookings was MC’ing alongside Rusko when he came to Norwich.

I’ve got a forthcoming release coming in the next few months called ‘The Cadmean Victory‘ which has got some amazing productions and guest features, including UK hip hop MC Genesis Elijah. There will hopefully be another EP by the end of 2010, and then perhaps some kinda compilation thing which selects just the best tunes from the five EPs.

What makes you stand out?
Whilst spitting over dubstep has become kinda fashionable now, I started doing this a good while ago when I coined the genre classification ‘Dub Hop‘. However, I am not limited to the dubstep genre and sit comfortably over all different genres. Basically, I feel like my words are a social commentary; my particular form of social commentary, and if they speak to people, that’s the main thing. Finally, I feel like I have a conscious content without being too overt about it. People don’t always want politics or worry forced down their throat, and I think I strike the right balance between just having fun and serious insight.

Where are you going?
My aspirations are to just keep doing what Im doing, but take it up a notch. I want it all though. I wanna be in the Radio 1 A-Playlist and on the main stage at Glastonbury. All or nothing.

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