thesmokeeaters Mini Interview

thesmokeeaters are The Gaffer (aka Paul Jay) andBest Boy (aka Simon Melia) – two British lads who studied film studies in the UK before relocating to Amsterdam. The start of their musical careers saw much of their time spent as separate DJ/producers and party organisers before they combined their talents to form thesmokeeaters. Not simply another DJ duo,thesmokeeaters have brought in their video knowhow to create a unique audiovisual live experience – mixing art, movie clips, tv, computer games etc. in accordance with synched electronic beats, which all follow a particular rhythmic pattern. Simon Melia (Best Boy) tells Rivmixx a little more about thisDJ/VJ/Artist amalgamation…

Who are you and where are you from?
We’re both UK expats living for quite some years in Amsterdam and, in the past, have been heavily involved in the Amsterdam (and Dutch) music scene as DJs and party organisers. In fact Paul is somewhat of a ‘legend’ as he organised the first House party in Holland way back in ’88 by bringing over Danny Rampling. I first met Paul when I was a fresh face organising Amsterdam’s first Breakbeat parties with the likes ofDepth ChargeAdam FreelandBarry Ashworth and so on.

What inspires you?
Both of us have some background education in film, so we were always movie nerds (but with varied tastes). Forerunners of the audio/visual scene such as HexstaticColdcut, Addictive TVEclectic Method and Eboman are also obvious influences. When making new videos to play out (using Pioneer DVJs) we tend to take classic recognizable elements from the last 50 years of ‘Pop’ culture and mix it together with contemporary dance stuff.

What have you done?
We’re just starting to get our name out there really. When we put our demo, and some other videos, onto our YouYube page a year ago, we instantly had great reactions and music agents mailing us and asking if we were signed. We took this as a very positive sign and we’re now with ‘Program Music,’ which specializes in audio/visual artists.

What makes you stand out?
In comparison to other audio/visual acts we’ve really been meticulous in terms of ‘quality control’. We try to make our videos and musical collages as perfect as possible, rather than throwing together any old tat. I think people appreciate the effort as there are a few audio/visual artists emerging that just play MTV clips (with logo and all) which were never designed for the dance floor. We see what we do, visually, as a form of ‘Pop Art‘ and I hope that’s what makes us stand out.

Where are you going?
Summer festivals are in the pipeline – more gigs in different countries and exotic locations are an aspiration. We’re considering setting up a regular audio/visual club night so that we can invite other a/v artists to come and play (especially those I mentioned earlier) since there isn’t anything like that.

Catch them at this year’s Glastonbury and Sziget Festivals. Keep an eye on their YouTube page to see what’s happening:

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