Angus & Julia Stone Interview

The brother and sister duo from Sydney, Australia – Angus & Julia Stone – released their debut album, ‘A Book Like This‘ to critical acclaim in 2007. They have since toured the world with, among others,The Magic NumbersNewton FaulknerDavid Gray and Martha Wainwright. And, having just released their sophomore, Angus & Julia Stone ‘Down The Way’, Rivmixx collared them for a bit of a chat, before they reach our green and pleasant land next month.

Rivmixx: The songwriting and recording for ‘Down The Way’ took place in numerous odd locations, including a riverside sawmill in Cornwall (UK), a water tank in Coolangatta (Aus), London, and America. Why such movement?

Angus Stone: “I have found the air you breath in different climates controls the atoms of matter in your creative consciousness to connect in cataclysmic ways that being in one place recording just does not hold – it’s just a theory though.”

R: You both decided to act as producers for your new album ‘Down The Way’. Is this the first time you’ve handled production, and what made you decide to take control this time?

A.S: “We have always been producing stuff, from day dot we have been involved with the creative direction of the music. We believe everyone is a producer in themselves from the drummer, bassist, engineer, the bird outside, the train marshal, the pint of Guinness, Mary Jane – they all play their part in the making of music.”

R: You both started out as separate artists. Why did you decide to start collaborating as a duo, and how did that impart on your songs?

A.S: “It kinda just happened over time. I used to play at the open mic nights and Julia used to come along and sing harmonies and bits and pieces. Then Julia asked if she could play a couple of songs of her own and then every time we played, the set would be split. We used to sell separate CDs after the shows, which was pretty funny, though in a way we still are how we left off back then. The process still stands in the way we work from writing the song to playing them up on stage.”

R: You also perform and record as a solo artist under the name Lady of the Sunshine, which sees you experiment with a heavier, more rock-driven sound. Was this the kind of sound you were aiming at as a solo artist before forming the duo with your sister?

A.S: “The fashion I wrote has always been in the same vein as what I do with Julia. Lady of the Sunshine‘s songs were something I had been collecting in my rucksack on the road along the way.”

R: Julia, any plans to release a solo album as well?

Julia Stone: “Angus and I took some time out from touring last year and I found myself living between Brooklyn and Queens in New York, hanging out with some wild crew and great musicians. I took the time we had off touring to record the songs I had just sitting in my head and heart. So, yeah, one day I’ll put them on a shiny disk and send them out into the world.”

R: You’re currently on a nation wide tour of Australia. Any plans for a full UK tour this year? And will you be hitting any of the UK festivals this summer?

A.S: “Yes, after the tour in Australia we are heading over to say hello & hopefully join your festivities.”

Angus & Julia Stone ‘Down The Way’ is out now on Flock Music. Click HERE for a full album review. Their UK tour kicks off in Brighton on April 12.

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