The Amplifetes Mini Interview

The Amplifetes are a very, very new band. This Swedish electro-rock four-piece only came together to form The Amplifetes about a year ago and much of their early work was completed over the Internet – the first time the whole band actually all got together was during the final mixing sessions! Although they maybe newcomers to the scene as a unit, the members are no novices when it comes to the music industry, having already proven themselves are credible songwriters and producers – they can count Madonna and the legend that is ‘Grandmaster Flash‘ as previous collaborators. Their varied influences have led to an overall sound that will have infinitive appeal. Their single ‘ It’s My Life‘ sound like Justice at their ‘rockiest,’ while the electro-pop of ‘Whizz Kid‘ will please listeners of anyone from Goldfrapp to Sam SparroRivmixxlooks forward to seeing what surprises The Amplifetes bring to the touring environment…

Who are you and where are you from?

“We are The Amplifetes from Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden. Having existed as a unit for about a year, we have all been working in the music industry for some time. Both in various band projects as well as songwriters and producers. Collaborations include Grandmaster FlashPeter Bjorn and John, andMadonna. The impact so far has been rather massive (thank you!) with bloggers and radio stations over Europe giving us their full support. With the forthcoming album completed we are looking forward to leaving the studio and touring – finally!”

What inspires you?

“We started the band with the ambition to combine the impact of the dance music genre with just about any other genre and – most importantly – with the addition of classic songwriting. Our influences covers the whole spectrum really, including 60s Psychadelia, The Electric Light OrchestraThe RamonesElvis CostelloDavid Bowie and Chicago Trax Records House releases.”

What have you done?

“So far we have released two Digital EP´s; It´s my life and Whizz Kid, with accompanying videos. The debut album is finished and will see its release very shortly. We’re currently booking gigs for the summer and autumn; so far we’ve played cool spots such as Villa – Berlin, Social club – Paris, and Ikra – Moscow. Our proudest moment so far was when we realized that the album – and specifically the cover sleeve actually – was finally finished. That, and seeing Milla Jovovich do a semi-nude morning workout to It´s my life in a Roberto Cavalli video campaign last year.”

What makes you stand out?

“I guess questions like these are best answered by the listener, but I think what defines us is that we brutally mix very different styles without a second thought. We value all of our influences equally and want them to get along nicely, cool or not. There are no right and wrongs; it’s the dynamic of the band that’s going to make it work. While trying to think out of the box and be experimental about things, we like to think of our music as pop in its purest form. To us, everyone’s a potential listener and we don’t feel threatened by any genre boundaries. Also we try to keep things simple – stripping down the productions to the vital stuff is a rule we try to go by. Or not at all.”

Where are you going?

“Coming up next is the album release in early June, before that we will release a new single/video called ‘Somebody New.’ Then there will be plenty of touring in the summer/autumn. We are looking forward to spreading our twisted gospel in more and more territories and getting people to tune in into our forthcoming album. Then everybody’s welcome to come down and join the live experience. Lots of lasers, handclaps, visuals and stuff!”

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