Muchuu Mini Interview

Muchuu are a youthful brother and sister duo who, in the two, short years since they began making music together, have already garnered support from Radio 1 and NME. Despite initially shying away from public singing, lead vocalist Milky‘s voice is strong and prominent, yet charming and sweet – offering the kind of fantastical lyrics that’ll impel you back to your long, lost childhood imagination. Brother George creates all the synth-heavy music and backing beats, producing a cheerful blend of dream-pop and electro-folkMuchuu are simply delightful, so be sure to check them out at Bestival this summer, and keep your ears pricked for the physical release of their debut album ‘Adventure We Go‘ in September…

Who are you and where are you from?
Milky: We are Muchuu, we are a brother/sister duo and we started making music in our garage, probably because we had nothing better do! We live in the countryside in Herefordshire and have been making music for a couple of years. To start off with we were just messing about and not taking it seriously at all, I actually hated singing and when we recorded the demo vocals, I made George leave the room! But then we put a couple of the demos online and we got a bit of interest and some nice comments about our songs, so we thought we’d make some more…

George: I can confirm this.

What inspires you?
Milky: Firstly boredom, that’s why we started making songs together. I always secretly wanted to be in a band of some sort, but didn’t ever think it would actually happen! I’d say Bjork is my main inspiration and bands like Coco Rosie, Joanna Newsom, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I don’t really listen to much music though. More inspired by what I see around me or what’s going on in my head!

George: We are not even sure what our genre is. We didn’t really say to ourselves we would make a certain type of music or mirror another band, it just materialised naturally. I guess it just came from using what we had at hand and in the situation we were in – being in our garage which is fundamentally now our studio.

What have you done?
Milky: We are signed to an indie label called Kii Music and we’ve released two singles, ‘Somebody Tell Me’ and ‘Getaway Train,’ and our album ‘Adventure We Go’ is out now online, and will be out in the shops soon! We’re playing at Bestival and Jersey Live this summer, and we also did a gig with Florence and the Machine and Temper Trap. Oh this is just one big boasty ‘look what we’ve done’ answer isn’t it?! Were in NME this week! Pretty cool. And I made a Japanese friend through Muchuu and apparently they play us on the radio over there, exciting!

George: I just felt very appreciative suddenly. A lot has happened in the past year or so, and you forget about it sometimes. BBC Introducing really helped us get our music out initially – we got the chance to play at Maida Vale too which we felt most unworthy of. I’m just proud to have had the opportunity to do it all I guess.

What makes you stand out?
Milky: Question like this scare me a little! I say, go have listen and decide for your self and hopefully you’ll like what you find! As far as being unique chart-wise goes, we never ever sing about ‘getting down in da club.’

George: Yeah, it seems that anyone who isn’t singing about drinking in the club and having a one night stand is original recently. Hopefully people will get bored of that, because I seriously have! I think the escapism feeling that Muchuu generates is something a lot of fans have said they sense about the music.

Where are you going?
Milky: Good question! I would like for lots more people to hear our songs and hopefully thoroughly enjoy them. And I would like to travel around the place, do gigs in far off interesting places, and generally have a nice time making more music and videos and hopefully become a lot more confident after all the practice!

George: We shall see…

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