Luka Belani Mini Interview

Luka Belani is a singer-songwriter from Croatia who has enjoyed recent national radio support and, consequently, an entry into several Croatian single-charts. He released his debut album ‘B-side of My Mind‘ last year to critical acclaim and his song ‘Guarded By Angels‘ has since become a sleeper hit. Luka Belani (and his drummer Marco) handled the album’s production, and the mastering was taken care of by Greg Calbi in New York – best known for mastering releases by MGMTJohn MayerNorah Jones and Sonic YouthLuka’s brand of pop-folk (all delivered in the English language) has quickly established a vast fan base within Croatia, and his MySpace has already racked up 50,000+ hits. For fans of Donovan Frankenreiter and Joshua Radin….

Who are you and where are you from?
I’m Luka Belani – a 24-year-old singer-songwriter from Croatia. The rock’n’roll, guitar-based chapter of my life started when I was thirteen and I started a local band a year later that played punkish, raw rock music. Almost a half-decade later I started playing live acoustically under my own name as a singer-songwriter.

What inspires you?
Musically – everything from Neil Young to God Is An Astronaut. Lately, John MartynBen Harper and Zita Swoon have been my favourite artists. From the music scene aspect, I’m not much of a ‘scenester.’ I’m an individual, living my life and playing music as best as I can. Some people would call that introverted, but I just don’t give a f**k. The thing is that musicians here in Croatia have become sort of like music critics – always trying to pick faults in other artist’s music. I could say that sincerity is definitely something I look for in music.

What have you done?
My debut album ‘B?side of My Mind‘ was released last summer by Aquarius Records – an indie label from Croatia. I went to London in 2007 to play a few gigs and hooked up with eARmusic, a London-based promoter. One of those shows got cut into a Live EP with a limited physical release and as a free download. Recently, one of the major Croatian radio stations, Open Radio, recognized my music and ‘Guarded By Angels‘ entered their top charts. It’s since gone on to become the number one single on their weekly charts, and has been for more than five weeks. Then the song entered into the Top 10 of the National Top Charts.

What makes you stand out?
In terms of performance, the band packs bigger venues with amplified song arrangements that are almost ‘head bang’ worthy, while my one-man show is by far more suitable for smaller clubs with a more intimate and dreamy atmosphere.

Where are you going?
My first video was released recently, and it’s going to be for the single ‘Guarded By Angels,’ so be sure to check it out on YouTube. Our booking agent is working on our first European tour, which is really exciting, and until then I’m playing live as much as possible. Also, I hope to record a new album by the end of the year.

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