Tasty Episode 1 Compilation

Tasty Episode 1 is the debut release from Leeroy Thornhill‘s newly formed label Electric Tastebuds, and features tracks by 601Kouncil HouseControlled Charge and hotly-tipped The Wrongstars, as well as some Leeroy solo and collaborative affairs.

Leeroy Thornhill is best known for his inspirational-slash-hilarious moves as The Prodigy‘s dancer in the 90s. Witnessing this 6 ft 7 raver literally run on the spot became a defining part of The Prodigy‘s live show and subsequently spawned an army of wannabe-Leeroy dancers all over the UK. Since leaving the rave-rockers a decade ago, Thornhill has quietly pursued a career as a DJ/producer.

Tasty Episode 1 is perhaps best described as a nu-skool breaks compilation due to the heavy bass production, but there are elements of electro-houserave and dubstep thrown in for good measure.The Prodigy influence is hard to ignore, particularly from the tunes featuring Leeroy. ‘Jagged‘ by Jagged Sleep (Leeroy and Joe Morena) would fit right in on ‘Music For The Jilted Generation’ and Leeroy‘s guitar-driven breakbeat of ‘Headgrind‘ sounds like it was left over from the ‘Fat Of The Land’ sessions. The two songs by Smash Hifi (Leeroy and German DJ Horger) update the 90’sraverock racket with a tinge of dubstep and stand as the best offerings from the ex-Prodigy man, primarily because they sound the most relevant and up to date.

Opening track ‘Spotlight‘ by The Wrongstars is a bass-heavy banger, but they too borrow a little too much from Liam Howlett and gang to make them stand out on their own. The 601 remix of ‘Spotlight‘ adds even more bass and is perhaps the only composition where there are no detectable snippets of The Prodigy trademark sound.

This compilation is well produced and showcases a great selection of energetic breakbeat and electrotunes. If this is a taster of what is to come from Electric Tastebuds, then Leeroy Thornhill may, in time, be able to gain some recognition beyond his whacky dancing of yesteryear. However, as long as he maintains that Prodigy raverock ingredient in his solo productions, he will always be compared to and associated with his ex-band mates. Whether this will be beneficial, or a curse for his future career, is up for debate.

Tracklist: Various Artists – Tasty Episode 1

01 Spotlight (Original Mix)-The Wrongstars
02 Depression-Controlled Change
03 Bubba Gump-Jagged Slap
04 Headgrind-Leeroy Thornhill
05 Rock the Party-Kouncil House Vs Leeroy Thornhill
06 Take You Back-Smash HiFi
07 Jagged-Jagged Slap
08 Hacker-Kouncil House
09 Machines-Controlled Change
10 1 Man Army-Leeroy Thornhill
11 15 Hundred Dollars-Smash HiFi
12 Spotlight-Remix 601

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