Charlie Sloth Mini Interview

London hip hop artist, Charlie Sloth, gained notoriety through his pirate radio work – performing prank calls on established rappers. He’s since gone on to critical acclaim, however – for his unique UK hip hop style. And, despite being “one of the UK’s finest” rappers (according to Source Magazine), Charlie Sloth has entrepreneurial plans that surpass just making music – starting with his weekly show ‘Being Charlie Sloth’, which is currently one of the most watched hip hop shows on the planet. He many be called ‘Sloth‘ (mainly due to his slightly chubby physique) but this hip hopper’s ascent to the top is going be far from slothful.

Who are you and where are you from?

“My name is Charlie Sloth and I’m from Camden Town, London.”

What have you done?

“I have released a free mix CD, which has had over one million downloads. I have created a global fanbase through my weekly show Being Charlie Sloth, which gets over one million views weekly on I have created a lane for artist’s like myself.”

What inspires you?

“My family and everyday life inspires me. As well as the fact that I’m doing what I dreamed of as a kid -that inspires me everyday!!!”

What makes you stand out?

“Apart from my belly and good looks? My weekly show, my online presence and work effic, my ability to be honest through my music regardless of what others may think about me and my determination to succeed.”

Where are you going?

“To the top… obviously ;)”

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