Vices Mini Interview

Vices are six indie-rock’n’roll fellas from Reading. They have not one, not two, but three guitarists in the fold, and these extra dimensions have allowed the band to develop quite a memorable live show.

Vices’ layered, guitar-driven, rock sound has already seen them play sets in the US as well as earning them a place on last year’s Beach Break Live main stage. Combining elements of blues rock and garage-punk, this sextet could well be the UK’s answer to Kings Of Leon (they certainly look the part).

The band haven’t even released their debut album yet, but have already nothced up 150 000+ MySpace views by word-of-mouth alone. With the album near completion, and with notable production by Jason Saltzman (producer of such hits LPs as The Killers’ ‘Hot Fuss’), Vices are the indie band to look out for in 2010…

Who are you and where are you from?
We are Vices. Six guys from in and around Reading, we’ve been making music together for just over 2 years. We’ve gigged up and down the country in that time. Our last show at one of Reading’s touring venues ‘The Oakford’ was apparently the busiest it had been for years.

What inspires you?
Heart and soul. People that live, perform, work, party! with passion. We play our music with that in mind. A few names that have been inspirational to us: Jack White, Tom Waits, Beatles, Animal Collective, Kills, Stones, Justice, RHCP.

What have you done?
We recorded our first album last year with producer Jeff Saltzman (Killers, Greenday, Sounds) which was pretty big. It was the result of being invited out to California to play some showcases in LA at the Roxy Theatre and Viper Rooms. We then spent a couple of months there recording with some top guys, it was f**king awesome.

What makes you stand out?
There are three guitars, so there are lots of layers of sound. Six tall guys on stage sometimes doesn’t leave much room for manoeuvring but we love playing tightly packed venues. People tend to find our live gigs quite an intense experience. We like to give it our all. We aren’t interested in any fad or passing scene, we are focused on making and performing our music.

Where are you going?
Our album ‘The Wind I Walk Into’ will be released very soon – followed by lots of touring. You can keep track of an actual release date and gig info on MySpace or Facebook. Our aspiration for the future is to play and record music relentlessly and enjoy life lots and lots.

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