Sharks Mini Interview

SHARKS embody the kind of everyman D.I.Y, rock personality that has been severely lacking from the UK’s alternative scene in recent times. These four lads from Leamington Spa have developed a musical identity that will appeal across genres, with a gritty punk-rock sound that lies somewhere between The Clash and Gallows. Despite having only just released their debut single ‘Common Grounds’, they have already clocked up some big support slots and are set to join this month’s Lostprophets tour. Their raw, hardcore approach to crafting rock’n’roll music recalls The Gaslight Anthem, and it shouldn’t take long for SHARKS to establish the same kind of devoted following that those Americans have built up recently. Drummer Sam Lister gives Rivmixx a brief insight into their plans…

Who are you and where are you from?
We are Sharks and we hail from the fine town of Royal Leamington Spa.

What inspires you?
The band take influence from a lot of people, notably Beyonce and The Replacements, but in terms of local influenes I’m afraid we’ve been severely deprived. As far as a scene goes we’ll try and steer clear of them.

What have you done?
We’ve just come off a tour with our great friends in Gallows and Trash Talk and we have 5 dates left which start next week. After that we’re kindly being taken out by Lost Prophets and our first single, ‘Common Grounds,’ has just been released by Atticus Black Records. You can pick it up at shows and from their website and it’s on iTunes aswell.

What makes you stand out?
To be honest, I couldn’t tell you. Probably because we’re better than a lot of bands.

Where are you going?
Right now to Hereford… Then we will tour until no-one wants to see us anymore.

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