Ella Edmondson Mini Interview

Ella Edmondson is a singer-songwriter who’s stumbled upon the perfect balance between folk and pop, a feat many a ‘nu-folk’ artist failed to achieve in 2009 (try as they might). Ella Edmondson’s unique singing voice is peculiar yet enthralling, and provides the accessible pop-choruses that blanket her Nick Drake inspired, acoustic folk. Born in London, she relocated to the hills of Dartmoor (Devon) in her early teens with her two younger sisters and her parents (British comedy power-couple Jennifer Saunders and Adrian Edmondson). Ella’s debut album ‘Hold Your Horses’ was released through her father’s label ‘Monsoon’ last year and featured contributions by such notable artists as John McCusker and Kate Rusby (to name just a couple). Her voice and lyrics contain an angst reminiscent of early Alanis Morisette, encompassed by a delivery that is more soft and subtle. With new music in the works and a plentitude of UK dates already announced, 2010 is set to be Ella Edmondson’s busiest and biggest year yet…

Who are you and where are you from?
I am Ella Edmondson, I am a singer songwriter, born and bred in London but have been living in Devon for nearly ten years. I played my first gig in Exeter when I was 16, and eight years on I’ve released an EP and an album and have gigged all over the uk.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by lots of things but mainly other music, movies and books. Weird, emotional things, and fantasy worlds. Music-wise I have been really inspired by Marilyn Manson, he was my idol when i was growing up. He still is, I haven’t grown up yet.

What have you done?
I have played loads of gigs and have been very lucky in supporting some great people at gigs and on tour. I have supported Jools Holland (played the Albert Hall!!), Midge Ure, Chris Difford, Eliza Carthy, The Unthanks etc. I Released my debut album in Feb 2009 called ‘Hold Your Horses‘. One of the songs on the album was a co-write between me and Ethan Johns [Kings Of Leon producer], who I was so lucky to have spent some time writing songs with. We released it on Monsoon Records, which is a record company me and my dad set up. It did ok and now I am writing the second album.

What makes you stand out?
I am an idiot. And I have been told my voice is weird/different.

Where are you going?
Back on tour, with new songs and at some point in 2010 a new album. Heading in a different direction this time round. I’m probably going to visit loads more service stations too…

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