Shinichi Osawa Mini Interview

Shinichi Osawa has been churning out album after album in Japan since 1993, both as part of Mondo Grosso (a band for which he played bass) and as a solo artist. Formed in 1991,  the original incarnation ofMondo Grosso released just two full length albums before disbanding. Mondo Grosso thereafter became a moniker under which Shinichi performed with various collaborators. Towards the end of the ’90s he began to make a name for himself as a DJ/producer with his remixes bringing him international recognition, including a well-received remix of Digitalism’s’Pogo. With his music now reaching the UK throughNorman Cook’s ‘Southern Fried Records,’ Shinichi Osawa’s international profile is on the rise…

Who are you and where are you from?

“My name is Shinichi Osawa.  Started a professional music career as a producer/bassist of a band formed in Kyoto in 1991 called MONDO GROSSO.  I’ve been making music ever since. ”

What inspires you?
“I’m inspired from all things, but movie is one big inspiration source. I still am a ‘Musical Multi Personality’ so I make and listen to a broad range of genres.”

What have you done?
“My career is kinda long and is difficult to sum it up by myself….Many many records and gigs. A collection of my recent remixes called “Teppan-Yaki” is released by Southern Fried Records, and my new album is coming out soon as well on Southern Fried!  Check them out! I have a resident party in Womb in Tokyo and World in Kyoto. You should come to Tokyo to check out my party!  I come to Europe and US for tours and festivals too.”

What makes you stand out?
“I try not to be the same. I also take in an unseen essence to that certain genre.”

Where are you going?
“Making sales from distributing music is coming to its end. I’m seeking a different approach for artists to be financially profitable.”

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