Casxio Mini Interview

Casxio are a funky electro-pop quartet who reside in sunny Los Angeles. Formed by French-born Lucas Guerin, who brings the funky bass and falsetto vocals, the lineup is completed by classically trained pianist Choe on keys, dancer-turned-guitarist Saez, and drummer Schrock. Their Talking Heads-inspired disco-rock has already seen them receive ample attention in The States. With their debut EP ‘Seventeen’ set for a UK release on March 8th, Casxio are grearing up to bring their head-bopping live show to these shores. Lucas Guerin explains a little more about the band’s origins…

Who are you and where are you from?

“I grew up in Los Angeles and currently live in downtown Los Angeles. I suppose that would be my scene, although I don’t own a modified Italian racing bicycle and I don’t own a pair of skin-tight jeans. Whether I like it or not, I think I’m the anti-scene. I make attempts to break out of the habit of non-conformity but I’m not in high school anymore and the pressure is off so I’m not too worried about it.”

What inspires you?
“Inspiration has no face. It comes and goes at it’s own leisure and often is disguised. I think an artist who is inspired is an artist who has discovered inspiration hiding within himself in the form of some great emotional and creative surge triggered by something outside himself, e.g. LIFE. Life has been happening in a very real way for me recently and l’ve been harnessing it the best I can.”

What have you done?
“This is a difficult question to answer for me. We haven’t released much at this point. Our only official release to date has been our EP which includes two songs and three remixes by outstanding DJ/producers from around the country. Our first album has been in the works for so long but we are proud and excited to say that it is in the final stages of completion and is scheduled to be completed by the end of January.
“As far as impact, I’m sure I could answer that question for you in a year or so.”

What makes you stand out?
“I was going to say that the music is honest, but there are a lot of musicians making honest music. I don’t know. I should have a fan answer this question.”

Where are you going?
“Once we finish this album we plan on playing mad shows. We’re playing four shows in February in and around LA. We’re planning on touring the UK, Europe and Japan very soon. We’re working with various interested parties to set that up. I have high hopes for what this year holds… as well as high expectations.”

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