Chapel Club Mini Interview

Chapel Club have yet to release their debut single, but that hasn’t stopped this indie-rock band from creating substantial buzz through their live shows and MySpace. These five lads from London, Swindon, Essex and Leeds only formed the band in 2008 and have only just announced their first shows outside of London. With the release of their first single ‘O Maybe I’ on February 22nd and a debut album in the works, they are destined to reach your ears this year. For fans of Joy Division, Editiors, White Lies etc. Join frontman Lewis Bowman as he explains a little more about Chapel Club

Who are you and where are you from?
“I’m Lewis, I’m the singer in Chapel Club and I’m from London. I’m not sure that Chapel Club has much background in, or is a part of, any scene in particular – I’m not sure London has many thriving music scenes right now, not in the truest sense of the word. There’s a lot going on, as always, but everything seems a bit more fragmented and open than it was a few years ago, which is probably a good thing. I’m not much into the idea of ‘scenes’ anyway, I’m never comfortable thinking that other people can define or predict my interests/intentions/direction for any amount of time. I’m much happier on the outskirts.”

What inspires you?
“What inspires us… that’s a pretty big question. Anything and everything really. One day we’ll all be talking about ‘Dogville’ and the next we’ll be discussing my dog. We’ve been in the studio the last couple of days, where there’s been much mention of The PixiesNew Order’s ‘Love Vigilantes’ and Knut Hamsun’s novel ‘Hunger.’ There was also an exciting discussion about different flavours of Starburst yesterday, so it’s not all as erudite as it might sound.

“As for the genre of music we work in, well, we’re a guitar band at heart, I guess, an indie guitar band. We definitely approach stuff from that angle. But there are a lot of varying tastes and ideas between the five of us, someone is always getting excited about something new, and we’re all pretty open-minded. Which makes it hard to say why we make the music we make. It’s not planned or contrived or anything, we just get together, drink and play around with ideas. The stuff people are hearing now is what has survived our first year or so of properly writing and rehearsing. Hopefully in the near future we’ll have the time and equipment to start exploring a lot of different avenues.”

What have you done?
“We’ve played a few gigs, mostly in London, and we’re releasing our first single, O Maybe I, on Feb 22nd on limited edition 7” vinyl and via download from our website.

If I’m honest, I’m not proud of very much yet. I generally think we can be and do much better. But that probably has more to do with the way my mind works than anything else. I guess I’m still shell-shocked because there’s so much hype surrounding us and, much as I’m grateful for that in a way, I’m still distrustful of the nature and effect of all the attention. The music business – and by this I mean the record companies, radio stations, magazines, blogs, every aspect – seems to be so concerned with the endless reinforcing of insatiable hunger that there’s no time for anyone actually to sit down and eat.

“By way of explanation: I’m sitting here answering these questions, listening to Karen O’s Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack and I couldn’t care less what anyone writes about it or how they advertise it or whatKaren O looked like in her last video. I’m just listening to ‘Worried Shoes’ and feeling removed from all that. I hope there are people out there who’ll take the time to listen to our music in the same way. It’s all about finding our way to that intimacy, and I’ll be proud if we can convince people to f**k off all the babble (positive or negative) other people put around our music and just connect with the songs directly and meaningfully inside their own head.”

What makes you stand out?
“I think perhaps it’s that we care about every part of it – the songs, the sounds, the shows, the words. A lot of bands seem to concentrate on one aspect of it and turn that into some kind of gimmick. We started this band partly in response to that. We didn’t like all the artifice and pretence and general stupidity, the craving for success and celebrity and stuff. We wanted to write reasonably intelligent songs with flashes of beauty and (hopefully) lasting value, without boring our or anyone else’s tits off. ‘Songs worthy of the lives people lead’ is how I used to describe it to myself. Now’s the time to find out if we’re on the right track I guess.”

Where are you going?
“I’m told we’re going all around the world, which should be fun, but first we have a little UK jaunt planned for February, details of which should be on the MySpace or our website.

We also have an album to record, which will be released later this year. There’s the single in February… As for aspirations, who knows? I don’t really have any beyond making a great album and getting to the end of the year with my mind intact and some new songs in the bag, ready for album number two.”

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