Lostprophets ‘The Betrayed’ Preview

Rivmixx braved the treacherous arctic conditions last night to attend a sneak preview of the new Lostprophets album at the über rock’n’roll Gibson Guitar Studios. On site was none other than cheeky frontman Ian Watkins dressed head-to-toe in black, answering a couple questions about new albumThe Betrayed’.

The pressure on Lostprophets to repeat the success of their 2006 number one album ‘Liberation Transmission’ must have been high, and perhaps this pressure led to both the turbulent construction and the darker tone of ‘The Betrayed’. Having initially hired John Feldmann (Goldfinger frontman, known for his over-polished, slick productions) to handle production duties, the band scrapped these sessions after Feldmann “took their songs in a totally different direction.” A situation Watkins likened to getting into the car with your Dad after being promised to go to Alton Towers only to see him drive in the opposite direction. The band started again, this time letting bassist Richardson sort out the production. Watkins explains that only half the initial material actually made it onto ‘The Betrayed’, after necessary amendments (i.e. after they were beefed up). Asked whether fans would ever get to hear the other discarded tracks, Watkins replies “It makes me cringe at the thought of you hearing them…but I’ll probably leak them at some point.”

The stress and delays involved in making ‘The Betrayed’ are evident throughout the album, with darker lyrical content/song titles and a grittier, heavier sound. A slow, moody intro track with plenty of distortion and screams leads onto highlight ‘Dstryr / Dstryr’, the most metal tune they’ve ever recorded; with a thumping rhythm, big chorus and a heavy, shouty climax, Rivmixx can’t wait to hear this live.

Having already been released, tracks three and four were the obvious choices as singles, with down-tuned guitars giving more bite to their trademark sing-a-long pop. ‘Next Stop Atro City’ is a hardcore punk track, where Refused-style screams meet Hatebreed-style breakdowns; one of the heavier moments of ‘The Betrayed’. Songs like ‘For He’s A Jolly Good Felon’ and ‘Darkest Blue’ may not be quite up to standard of earlier album tracks, but they certainly have more of an edge to their ‘Liberation Transmission’ material. With group sing-a-long chants and a spiky riff reminiscent of Jet, ‘Streets of Nowhere’ is the most upbeat and fun song of the album. If Watkins has any say in the matter, it will be the next single. The closing track is a slow and atmospheric ballad that builds into a loud, crashing climax full of distorted guitars; it is the most mature thing Lostprophets have made, and the track that Watkins claims to be most looking forward to performing live.

According to Watkins ‘the whole record is really honest,’ and perhaps this is what makes ‘The Betrayed’ the most captivating Lostprophets have sounded since their debut, and the first time they have been able to carve out a creative identity of their own. They may not ‘have been to hell and back’ to record this, as Jared Leto recently claimed to have traveled to make 30 Seconds To Mars’ third LP and a remark that an infuriated Watkins claims to be ‘close-minded’ (“Fight! Fight! Fight!”). However, ‘The Betrayed’ has been a long time in the making, and the tensions and complications are evident from the meaner and more technical sound they have developed. Released on January 18, it’s well worth the wait.

Lostprophets ‘The Betrayed’ Album Track List
1 If It Wasn’t for Hate We’d Be Dead by Now
2 Dstryr / Dstryr
3 It’s Not the End of the World but I Can See It From Here
4 Where We Belong
5 Next Stop Atro City
6 For He’s a Jolly Good Felon
7 A Better Nothing
8 Streets of Nowhere
9 Dirty Little Heart
10 Darkest Blue
11 The Light That Burns Twice as Bright…

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