Dead Confederate Mini Interview

American band Dead Confederate originally formed back in their high school days, as Red Belly. But they only started turning heads in 2008, with the release of their debut ‘Wrecking Ball’. After a headline US tour and a TV appearance on the much-watched Late Night with Conan O’Brien things are really starting to pick up for Dead Confederate. And Rivmixx has a feeling that 2010 is the year for their splendid grunge-meets-country noise.

Who are you and where are you from?
“I am Hardy and I play in Dead Confederate. We reside in Athens, GA but spend most of our time touring the States and abroad. We have always toured alot. We kind of feel at home on the road. As for impacting our scene, I don’t know, we try to be supportive when we are home and play with fellow Athens bands when we are on the road.  It’s a great music scene in Athens, always has been.”

What inspires you?
“Well, the band had been playing for about a year when we moved to Athens, so when we got here we kind of had to jump right in.  Everyone was really cool and supportive which was a blessing.  I don’t really think we are all that genre specific, we just kind of make our own version of rock’n’roll.  It kind of goes without saying, but I think exposing yourself to as much music as possible makes for better personal work. I try to listen to a hundred songs before I write one.”

What have you done?

“We just released our first album ‘Wrecking Ball’ in the UK, so I’m sure we have made very little impact. We are about to tour there again soon though. We have been to the UK twice already thanks to Dinosaur Jr and A Place to Bury Strangers. We are looking forward to coming back to play shows there next month.”

What makes you stand out?
“I don’t really know why some people (I guess you could call them fans) like our music. I would hope they just get it or like it, it’s pretty straight forward. I don’t think there’s anything anyone can say to make someone like a band, its up to the music and their taste.”

Where are you going?
“We have been fortunate enough to travel many places so far, but I hope this record helps us to see even more parts of the world. I also hope that it is decent enough for our label(s) to let us make another record(s) and allows us to continue seeing the world(s).”

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