Tha Vill Mini Interview

Tha Vill is an LA based MC, singer and producer best known for his collaboration with The Game on ‘California Dreams’. It’s only a matter of time, however, before his Black Eyed Peas inspired, electronic hip hop is recognized for its own merits. After a youth brimming with setbacks (drugs and gang trouble, not to mention his father’s murder paving the way for a physically abusive stepfather) things are really starting to look brighter, particularly since he dropped his well received debut single ‘Happy Hour/ Fiber Optic Love’ in September.

Who are you and where are you from?
“Whadup it’s ya boi Tha Vill! I’m from Chi-Town (Chicago) living in Los Angeles.”

What have you done to date?
“I’ve done a lot in my past but most recent ‘California Dreams’ feat. The Game – that got over 200,000 downloads online. And ‘Wonder’ remix feat. Akon – that got over 100,000. And released my first single ‘Happy Hour’, which got over 140,000 downloads b/w of ‘Fiber Optic Love’ in October 09.”

What inspires you?

“A lot inspires me but I love making music and going to the club and watching people dance to it. I love making people feel good about whatever situation they going thru in life. So if you having a bad day pop in a Vill record!”

What makes you stand out?
“I’m not ya typical rap artist that talks about the streets and selling drugs. I lived that life and don’t wanna remind myself of it ever again so I found a sound that fits me. Tekhop! it’s a mix of hip hop, r&b, house and electro and, depending on the track, I sing or rap. It works for me and my fans and I’m not scared to try new sounds that work for me.”

Where are you going with your career and have planned next?
“We got a lot in store for ya’ll. I staying on my dance vibe because it will never die! I’m shooting my next music video for my next single soon and it’s gonna take me to the next level.”

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~ by cliveparisrozario on December 18, 2009.

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