Dr. Slaggleberry Mini Interview

Dr. Slaggleberry are a three-piece progressive, math rock band who (officially) formed in 2008. All three band members were initially drummers but two of them were forced to pick up guitars in order to create Dr. Slaggleberry. With an element of funk, the band bring some fun to the erratic, technical time signatures that label them a math-rock band.

Who are you and where are you from?
“My name is Chris and I’m from a little village called Chinnor, in Oxfordshire. Dr. Slaggleberry formed back in 2005 and has been evolving and changing ever since, but I only really count from 2008 – the official birth of the band. Everything else before that was just the brewing stage.

Dr. Slaggleberry is kinda the anti-scene band. We don’t really follow a fashion or a particular style of music. We are weird math rock with a quirky terrible name, so I think we appeal to people who are sick of NME force feeding new indie bands down their throats, or with screamo/emo w*nkery, and offer some thinking mans metal or what ever you wanna call it.”

What inspires you?
“I think the reason I do music is because it’s an outlet for my emotion, frustration and my creativity. I like the challenge of it, and i like to try to do something a bit different. When I was little I was into bands like the Beatles and Led Zep. As i got older i got into rap metal and funk and then into more progressive music.

“I think Behold the Arctopus and Meshuggah have been my biggest influences for my playing in Dr. Slaggleberry. I love that kinda stuff –  stops and starts, rhythm changes. It excites and inspires me. Don’t get me wrong, I like nothing more than to jam with some good “infectious grooves” or some snot, but I find it more fun to play more progressive music.”

What have you done?
Dr. Slaggleberry has been around the block a few times. we have done the infamous XFM live sessions, and a fair bit of radio play on Kerrang radio, BBC 6 Radio, Total Rock, to name a few. We’ve gigged pretty much every p*ss ridden sh*t hole in the south east. Our favourite venue has to be the Cellar in the Oxford – great sound and atmosphere.

“I suppose we are proud that our music has made an impact with people running the radio stations and the music magazines and that they’ve done features on us and have played our music.
Releases – ‘Dr Slaggleberry EP’, ‘Tuck into the Tar’, and ‘The Slagg Factory’.”

What makes you stand out?
“I think the people who like us tend to just like the zanyness of it. As one reviewer said “their music seems to be extracted straight from the unconscious mind”, and I kinda think that is true in way. Dr. Slaggleberry is very organic – the way everything is put together. And that makes for a natural raw sound. Also the fact that we don’t have a bass player and use an octave pedal for a bass. And the fact we are entirely instrumental. I think all these factors make for a unique and engaging listen for fans.”

Where are you going?

“Plans for the band are to write and record a full length album. We are working on it now so hopefully in the next year or so we will have Dr. Slaggleberry debut album. So keep your eyes peeled for that one.”

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