Krystle Warren ‘Circles’

After grabbing the UK’s attention with a powerful appearance on the Late Show with Jools Holland, Kansas born Krystle Warren releases her debut album ‘Circles‘.  With a beautiful, soulful voice,Krystle Warren‘s blend of pop-folk with jazz and blues makes for sublime easy-listening music.

After a stint of busking in New York, Krystle Warren upped and moved to Paris, allowing her to capture a kind of street-level romance in her music. Her backing band, The Faculty, are certainly accomplished musicians and they build a laid-back, jazz bar atmosphere around Krystle’s acoustic guitar.

It is Krystle Warren’s voice, however, that is the real draw here. She sings with the kind of emotion and range that the late Jeff Buckley used to reach; the kind of emotion and range that most folk singers can only dream of achieving.

The tracks on ‘Circles’ are chiefly folksongs with a jazzy undertone. There are a few other influences thrown in for good measure; a snippet of gospel here, a country twang there, and even a funky base line on ‘Sunday Comfort’. But Krystle Warren is at her most captivating when The Faculty take a bit of a back seat and leave Warren with just her voice and guitar, as on the heartfelt ‘Sparkle and Fade’. And it’s when she lets it rip with her vocals, such as the ‘Yuletide Carol’ and highlight ‘A View from the Rooftop’, that you start to realise you may have stumbled upon a truly great talent.

Without Krystle’s voice, these songs may well have fallen into that Norah Jones-esque, ‘Xmas present for your mother’ category. However, her warm vocals ensure that this breed of easy-listening music will not just merge into the background. It’s no wonder Krystle Warren has been touted as the modern day Nina Simone.

Tracklist: Krystle Warren – Circles

01 Year and Issue
02 Three Women
03 To the Middle
04 Title Track
05 Sunday Comfort
06 Current Events
07 The Means to Be
08 Sparkle and Fade
09 A View From the Rooftop
10 Chelsea Piers
11 Yuletide Carol
12 Some Trivial Pursuit
13 My Third Love (Radio Edit)


~ by cliveparisrozario on December 14, 2009.

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