The Prodigy – ‘Invaders Must Die’ (Special Edition)

Nine months after the original release, ‘Invaders Must Die’ is here repackaged and rereleased with three additional tracks and a bonus disc of remixes, as well as a DVD of the album’s videos and some live clips. After experimenting with a more polished electro sound on 2004’s ‘Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned,’ The Prodigy have returned to the rave noise they popularized in the ‘90s. And, after rumoured tension in The Prodigy camp before their last release, they sound positively revitalized.

The Prodigy continue to be one of the most electrifying live acts on the touring circuit, and although the tracks of ‘Invaders Must Die’ are pretty good, they sound much better in a live environment. So the ‘Omen – live’ additional track (Disc 1) and the live clips on the bonus DVD are a welcome addition on this rerelease. The other two additional tracks on Disc 1 were previously released on ‘The Lost Beats’ EP, and are average at best.

The real draw here is the disc of remixed ‘Invaders Must Die’ tracks (Disc 2). In terms of dance music, the remixed versions are more exciting than the original ones, but will not appeal to the masses on the same level that The Prodigy dance/rock crossover sound does (i.e.3 these remixes are not fit for the pop charts). There’s some dubstep reworkings by Benga, Rusko and Chase & Status, while acts like Sub Focus bring a bit of D’n’B to The Prodigy music. Liam Howlett’s ‘Re-Amped’ version of title track ‘Invaders Must Die’ is an improvement on the original, and is set for a single release at the end of November. The Highlight of Disc 2 is Herve’s ‘End Of The World remix’ of ‘Omen,’ which could easily become a club hit. Even Josh Homme pops up to do a bit of messing around on a version of ‘Take Me To The Hospital;’ he just seems to have fingers in everyone’s pies at the moment!

The original release of ‘Invaders Must Die’ certainly put The Prodigy back on the map, but it wasn’t on par with their Mercury Prize-nominated ‘Music For The Jilted Generation.’ The bonus disc of remixes and the DVD of the live clips/videos make this rerelease a worthwhile buy for fans of dance music.

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